Risk Model and Scorecard Development

Quantify the credit risk in your loan portfolio with PD, LGD, and EL scorecards and credit risk models.

Allowance for Credit Losses (e.g., CECL)

Improve your estimate of future credit losses per the requirements and guidelines of the FASB’s new accounting standard for measuring expected credit losses.

Credit Process Review
& Refinement

Receive an independent and objective review of your existing credit practices and a gap assessment relative to leading industry practices.

Scenario Analysis
& Stress Testing

Perform a “what-if” analysis to assess the financial impact of economic scenarios and specific events on your credit portfolio.

Portfolio Monitoring
& Early Warning Detection

Routinely monitor your loan portfolio’s health and emerging risks through key risk indicators (KRIs) and data-driven insights.

Onboarding and Effective Use of Third-Party Software

Save time and money by engaging us to help you effectively tether third-party software (underwriting, risk models, credit workflows) to your specific business practices.

Due Diligence Analytics

Have a complete picture of a prospective acquisition with a risk-focused analysis of target loan portfolios.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with the evolving regulatory landscape affecting community and regional banks today.

& Education

Retain talent and gain a competitive advantage through credit and financial risk training and executive education.